To be wearing a design by Mark Blake is to be able to escape into a world of intensity and drama. The wearer is able to embody a new personality of power and sensuality as they wrap themselves inside the couture construction and intricate detailing that is found inside a Mark Blake gown. These creations have the ability to unlock our subconscious desires and the hidden confidence and sensuality within all of us. By blending the lines between high fashion and complex costuming, Mark creates designs that excite and demand attention.


About Mark...

 Based in Melbourne Australia, I have completed my Bachelor of Fashion and Costume Design in 2017. I havehad works feature in numerous runways including the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s 2016 “Electronica” and 2017 “Sketch” runways as part of the offsite runway program and the Australian Fashion Awards for Gown of The Year. Having completed my degree I wish to gain as much experience in the high end/ couture fashion industry as possible, as well as actively seeking collaborations with fellow creatives for the opportunity to conceptualise more amazing designs.

My dream is to have the world know the MBlake name and brand.

Through the creation of I am sharing my proudest works and collaborations in the aspiration of hoping one day every person in the world can feel the incredible impact of escapism in fashion and the amazing worlds we can create through it.